mardi 15 novembre 2016



Description :

To make his dream come true, a young boy faces a series of obstacle through many level of life trying to move forward by opening doors, sometimes he gets helped from friends but most of the time he's on his own.
Mysteria is a reflexion, puzzle game that use hint and riddle to deliver to you an awesome user experience.
Think of a way to open the door
Think out of the box
Think positively
You can get a clue if you are stuck up
You can also force open the door if you really need to !
Enjoy the 60 levels of puzzles and riddles.
Use your intelligence, think and never give up and make your dream comes true.
Game characteristics and content:
- Brain teaser
- Shadow & dark style
- Hard thinking
- Door opening
- Mystery and riddle

Best music ever from :
- The sad piano from Author Gutturalgutfuck
- hejdå - Depressive Guitar from Author edtijo
- ChildhoodMusicBox from Author Shuinvy
Wonderful pictures of characters and scenes made by :
- Rachid & Ahmed
could be find in devian art

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Video Trailer :

Screenshot of Mysteria :

Enjoy it !

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